Colorado, our home

So much to catch up on, but not enough attention span to share it all.  I’ll provide a quick synopsis below with lots of very pretty pictures.

  • Left Austin on Monday, July 14; 99 degrees and a collective 6 hours of sleep over 2 days.  Began the adventure through Texas heading west toward New Mexico.
  • Drove through Lubbock. I’m hoping there is more to it than the empty beltline skirting the city.
  • Crossed into New Mexico around 5 pm CT.  Both Mike and I were smiling and excited to be in the state where we got married.  It was an awesome moment for all of 30 seconds before we saw the giant haboob/tornadic event heading right toward the highway.
  • Spent the next 3 hours in driving rain on two lane roads in the middle of nowhere; so much not-fun.
  • Finally made it to our friend Bill Stimmel’s home in Albuquerque and visited with him, his wife Beth and kids.
  • Fell into bed like a ton of sleepy bricks.
  • Explored Albuquerque and Santa Fe, and even snuck in a hike on the Big Tesuque Trail.
  • Drove to Boulder on Wednesday to move into our new-temporary residence: CU Boulder Family Housing.

It’s only been a couple of weeks since we got here and it has been chock full of ups and downs and a range of emotions.  All to be expected with a big move. (Pictures after the jump.)

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The Yin and Yang of Cycling

I loved this post “Why Bikes Make Smart People Say Dumb Things”.   I run into animosity toward cyclists all the time and it totally confounds me.  Sure, there are some bad bike seeds out there who blow a stop sign or swerve in and out of traffic, but the majority of us are law abiding citizens who just want to exercise or find a cleaner way to get to work.  Not to mention all of the proven benefits of biking.  How did a right of passage of childhood garner so much attention and vitriol from a vocal minority?  In my dream world, the U.S. would adopt similar behavior.

(Santa Fe Century, 2010)